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The A.G. Huntsman Foundation is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2007 A.G. Huntsman Award is Dr. Thomas Kiørboe from the Danish Institute of Fisheries Research, Charlottelund Castle, Denmark. Dr. Kiørboe holds a Ph.D and a Dr. Scient from the University of Copenhagen. He is a member of the Royal Danish Society of Science and Letters, the Danish Academy of Natural Sciences and the European Union Network of Excellence in Climate and Marine Research. He is listed as “Highly Cited Author” by the Institute of Scientific Information and is on the editorial board of 5 international scientific journals.

Dr. Kiørboe, the thirty-first recipient of the A.G Huntsman Award, is recognized world-wide for his original and provocative thinking that has led to pioneering contributions in many areas of marine ecology. He developed innovative approaches for field, laboratory and modeling studies of how micro-scale physical processes interact with the responses of individual marine organisms to generate observed patterns in populations and food webs. He is a major intellectual force in the difficult but essential business of linking processes from the small to large scales. His work in other areas, such as larval fish metabolism and the impact of food quality on consumers, has had major and lasting impacts, in some cases helping to spur the development of new research areas such as ecological stoichiometry. Overall, Thomas Kiørboe has played a major role in changing the way scientists view the field of plankton ecology.